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1. Directions from Railway Station
If you are coming by train and you don’t have someone to pick you up, auto would be your best option. It’s around 10 km from railway station to NIT Puducherry. There is an auto stand near to railway station. You will have to pay around 350-400 for auto. If you want to get a bus, walk till MOH Bus Stop and get into a share auto/ bus after enquiring if they will stop near Varichikudy Arch. Get down there and get an auto. But getting an auto there will not be easy.

2. Directions from Bus Stand
There is an auto stand near the bus stand. You can get auto from there. They will take around 250-300 till NIT Puducherry. If you are looking for an economic option, you can get a share auto/bus from there and get down at Varichikudy Arch. Make sure they have a stop there before getting in. From there, you can get an auto. But getting an auto there will not be easy.

3. Driving
If you are coming from Puducherry direction, you have to ask for Varichikudy Arch. Take a left turn there. After about a kilometre, the road will turn towards left where there is Shiva temple. In about 300m, you will come to a cross road. Take right turn from there and go straight. In about 400m, you will reach the main gate of NIT Puducherry.